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Once you set eyes on your little mastiff, you won't want any other breed of dog for yourself. Your relationship will continue...
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Hello there bull mastiff lovers! You can rejoice in knowing that if you're into bull mastiffs in Dallas, TX, then you never...
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Howdy there, friends, family, and potential clients and collaborators. We're Texas 4Paws Mastiffs and we've been in business...

Come check us out today! We're Texas 4Paws Mastiffs and we've been serving Dallas, TX for over half a century!

Welcome to Texas 4Paws Mastiffs

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a loyal, faithful protector for your home and your family, or if you're looking for your first or latest show dog, Texas 4Paws Mastiffs is the number one breeder in Dallas, TX, and we have over half a century of experience in the field. Bring home a handsome pup today and enjoy a lifetime of memories. You might not believe your a mastiff person until you see one as a puppy up close. We are confident that we can pair you with your most suitable companion. We have the best breeding track record and we practice the tried and true methods that have served us so well over our years in operation. It is our mission to supply our great community with pure bred mastiffs, bull mastiffs, as well as old English mastiffs.

If you're in the market for a pure bred dog, then we respect the fact that you want to do your homework. But after you do, you will still end up with Texas 4Paws Mastiffs, which is the leader in the area and we have a loyal following of people who only trust our name for their pure bred dogs, no matter if the dog is for show, of if the dog is the newest addition to a family. We are the most trusted mastiff breeder location in the area and our history of satisfied clients speaks for itself. We always do our business on the long term, and that means that we supply only the healthiest puppies and dogs who will stand the test of time and give you love and support for the ages. Grow old together with you next life companion. You'll treasure the memories that you share with your new mastiff, and Texas 4Paws Mastiffs would like to think we had a little hand...or paw in it.

We service Houston, Austin, Dallas, and all of Texas